Crimson Cup Coffee Named Macro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine

Screenshot 2016-03-10 13.24.12
Roast Magazine

At Scioto Valley Coffee, we proudly serve various blends of Crimson Cup Specialty Coffees. In 2016, Crimson Cup, located in Columbus, Ohio, was named Macro Roaster of the Year. What an honor to be working with such  great company!

With words like cultivation, processing, transportation, distribution and consumption, the narrative is straight out of a Logistics 101 textbook.

At Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea in Columbus, Ohio, such descriptions are only part of the story. To founder and president Greg Ubert and the rest of his crew of coffee fanatics, the supply chain is also about something far more human — community.

“We want to close the gap from the grower all the way to the consumer,” says Dave Eldridge, a coffee buyer for the company. “That means creating a supply chain of mutual benefit, where we all understand each other and represent
each other’s intentions honestly and openly. Whether it’s a grower in Nicaragua striving to produce a great crop, an independent coffeehouse that wants to prepare terrific coffee, or a consumer who wants to learn more about the coffee they’re drinking, we want to complete the circle so everyone feels engaged within the same community.”

Now in its 24th year, Roast’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year has evolved into a powerful advocate for the local, national and international specialty coffee communities. Its independent coffeehouse program—buttressed by Ubert’s book, 7 Steps to Success: A Common Sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee—helps roughly a dozen new coffee shops each year learn the ins and outs of the coffee industry, from business basics to marketing to cafe layout to new brewing methods.

Stop by Scioto Valley Coffee today to try this great coffee. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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